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PMID: 36624700

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Background: The role of inflammatory cytokines, such as tumor necrosis- alpha (TNF-α) and IL-8, in gastric carcinogenesis has been investigated, but their impact remains to be further elucidated.
Methods: In this study, we measured the serum concentrations of these cytokines and H. pylori serostatus in dyspeptic patients, presenting with normal mucosa (NM = 53), chronic gastritis (CG = 94), and gastric cancer (GC = 82), by ELISA.
Results: Moderate levels of TNF-α were detected in the NM group (19.9 ± 19.5 pg/ml), which were nearly doubled in patients with CG (35.7 ± 28.0 pg/ml) and drastically declined in GC patients (1.8 ± 5.9 pg/ml). The serum levels of IL-8, however, were not statistically different amongst these three groups.
Conclusion: TNF-α serum concentration seemed to undergo up- and downregulation, when moving from NM to CG and from CG to GC, respectively. If confirmed in a prospective study, this cytokine can behave as a serum indicator of gastric inflammation and malignant transformation.
Type of Study: Short Communication | Subject: Cancer Biology

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