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                                                               Vahid Khalaj, Ph.D.


                                                                                          Associate Editor

                                                                                          Marjan Mohammadi. Ph.D.

Aims & Scope

The Iranian Biomedical Journal (IBJ), an open access journal and a bimonthly publication of Pasteur Institute of Iran, takes pride in its leadership comprised of a wide range of disciplines in the field of biomedicine. IBJ is proud to offer a receptive medium for rapid, peer-reviewed publication for original articles (full length and short communication) as well as expert scientific reviews. It strives to maintain a dynamic growth of the quality of its publications and therefore, welcomes submissions in the following fields:
1. Molecular Microbiology
2. Molecular Genetics & Genomics
3. Molecular Immunology & Vaccines
4. Cancer Biology
5. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
6. Medical Biotechnology
7. Enzymology and Protein Chemistry
8. Tissue Engineering and Cell Biology
9. And Related Fields


The Most Cited Articles




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