Volume 25, Issue 2 (3-2021)                   ibj 2021, 25(2): 93-98 | Back to browse issues page

PMID: 33462225

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Background: LncRNAs are considered as novel biological regulators and potential cancer biomarkers. LncRNAs MVIH and AK058003 are associated with microvascular invasion in HCC. In BC, upregulated MVIH and AK058003 expression levels have been shown to promote cell proliferation, though LncRNA-AK058003 acts as a tumor suppressor in HCC. Methods: Blood samples were collected from 30 healthy women and 30 female BC patients. RNA was extracted from the blood of both groups, and cDNA was then synthesized. A real-time PCR technique was conducted to measure the expression level of LncRNA-AK058003 and MVIH. Results: The expression level of two LncRNAs in the blood samples of BC patients increased significantly compared with healthy individuals. The levels of AK058003 and MVIH were not associated with lymph node metastasis (p = 0.402 and p = 0.39), tumor size (p = 0.76 and p = 0.461), and TNM stage (p = 0.574 and p = 0.711), respectively. Conclusion: As per our findings, LncRNA-AK058003 could serve as a suitable indicator for low stage of BC. In addition, the increased level of LncRNA-MVIH could be considered as a biomarker for BC, which needs more evaluation in the future.
Type of Study: Full Length | Subject: Cancer Biology