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PMID: 36624655

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Background: Differential diagnosis of chronic lymphoproliferative disorders (CLDs) has remained challenging due to the highly variable morphology features and immunophenotyping. Currently, the development of multiple-marker panel analyses by flow cytometry has opened a broad way for diagnosis of CLDs.
Methods: We analyzed the peripheral blood and bone marrow samples of 131 patients with B-cell CLDs (including 91 chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), 15 atypical CLL, 14 mantle cell lymphoma (MCL), and 11 CD5-/CD10-lymphoma patients) from April 2018 to April 2019, using a panel of specific markers by flow cytometry.
Results: Our results indicated that the expression pattern of CD22, CD23, FMC-7, and CD5 allowed us to accurately and differentially diagnose the B-CLL, MCL, and CD5-/CD10- lymphoma, while it was not capable of differentiating MCL from atypical CLL. We, however, found that the expression patterns of CD38 and immunoglobulin light chain differed significantly between atypical B-CLL and MCL. CD38 and lambda light chain were remarkably expressed in MCL patients (92.8% and 85%, respectively) compared to the atypical CLL (1.1% and 0% respectively), with the p value less than 0.001 for both markers. In contrast to MCL patients, all the patients with atypical CLL, expressed kappa light chain. The immunohistochemistry method used for cyclin D1 confirmed that the flow cytometry detection of kappa and lambda light chains could provide a new approach with high sensitivity (91%) and moderate specificity (50%) to distinguish MCL patients from atypical B-CLL.
Conclusion: Expression of CD5, CD20 (bright), CD22, FMC-7, CD38, and lambda light chain with no expression of CD23 can accurately detect MCL and differentiate it from atypical B-CLL.
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